Croatia: Jewel of Europe (Guest Post)

Touted as the paradise of all things inclusive, Croatia has proven itself as a unique tourist destination that can hold its own and still accommodate some. This is a country with a staggering 1778 km of rocky, indented coast laced up with a maze of 1185 unforgettable islands covered with luxuriant vegetation. But despite being one of Europe’s most fashionable places to visit, Croatia hasn’t been thoroughly exploited. Here is a look at a few of the top cities and the fantastic attractions they offer.

Croatia: Jewel of Europe (Guest Post) | The Cheerful Wanderer

Zagreb. Photo credit: Mario Fajt (Flickr, also found on

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Snowy postcards from Slovenia

It’s nearly May, but Slovenians face chilly temperatures and snow this week. A little bit crazy considering I was out in my shorts and T-shirts less than a week ago. The cold snap came after a mild winter in which just a couple of light snow showers hit the country. Unlike most of my friends, I’m delighted to see snowflakes again because I haven’t had any chance to photograph the white landscapes in 2016 (thanks, nature!). Fortunately today’s session was a success (even though I somehow managed to get lost in the woods). Bellow are some shots I’ve taken.

Snowy postcards from Slovenia | The Cheerful Wanderer

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How I fell in love with Toronto

“Excuse us, would you have any coins that we could exchange for our banknotes?” we approached a middle-aged security guy in front of some modern looking building. “We need them for the streetcar,” we explained further.  “Let me check,” he said while pulling bills out of his pocket. He went inside the building, leaving us and our overpacked backpacks waiting. “Here,” he poured the coins into my partner’s hands once he was back. “That should be enough for two tickets. Enjoy Toronto!” he smiled. The Canadian wanted nothing in return, he wouldn’t even take our bank notes. And this is how our trip in Toronto began.

How I fell in love with Toronto | The Cheerful Wanderer

Sunrise on our second day.

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Local’s guide to Ljubljana

Ljubljana is getting more and more recognition each year – and for a good reason. This pretty city easily steals anyone’s heart. Before you furiously google how big the capital of Slovenia actually is (278,789 inhabitants), let me tell you that Slovenians consider a city any place with over 5,000 inhabitants. I know most of you would call that a village. It’s different here, everything is small and adorable. Talking about small – one of the main reasons this country is often completely unknown to travelers it’s because of the size. Did you know only a bit over 2,000,000 people live here? No wonder many would struggle to pinpoint the country on a map. Guide books, however, keep naming Slovenia Europe’s hidden gem, which means it isn’t going to remain hidden for too much longer, so pack your bags and visit us as soon as possible!

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The ultimate 1 week road trip itinerary for Ireland

No pictures or information online can really prepare you for the trip to Ireland. It’s hard to believe how much this small country has to offer. One week is far from enough to see it all, but we knew that before coming and I can’t wait to be back.

If you ask me, the best time to travel in Ireland in spring, because of the weather (less rain than in winter) and also, because it’s low-season, so the prices are lower than in summer. You’ll probably have to dress for winter weather, though. Unless you’re British or Irish, then you can use T-shirt and shorts.

DAY 1: Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough

Pick your car at Dublin airport in the morning. We were staying in Dublin for a night and then headed to the airport using the local bus next morning. We had pre-booked a car using a German site.

Ok, time to start the journey. Your first stop is Powerscourt Waterfall. Well, that’s the first one planned, I’m sure you’re going to stop several times before that.

TIP: Pay your Dublin’s M50 (it is a barrier-free toll road) toll fee at petrol station. Tell them your car license number and once you pay, they will delete you off the system.

The ultimate 1 week road trip itinerary for Ireland | The Cheerful Wanderer

Break over. Now you continue using different route to Sally Gap. Read More

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