Why I Stayed Longer in Barcelona, Spain

January is almost over and my year started differently than expected. I took off for Spain at the end of December believing I will be back in 5 days. My list of things that needed to be done at home was countless. Instead, I stayed in Barcelona for almost a month.

It’s quite well known I am a planner. I plan anything and everything I can. As much as I love spontaneity, I can really relate to John Gielgud, who once said: “I am all in favour of spontaneity, providing it is carefully planned and ruthlessly controlled.” All jokes aside, I believe we must strive to have both. A flexible plan with space for spontaneous decisions. But while I aim for that, I too often put more focus on the first part.

Gaudi’s architecture in Park Guell, Bracelona

When my trip in Barcelona was about to end, I was offered an opportunity I didn’t see coming – to stay as a volunteer and work for the best hostel chain out there (shoutout to my H1 FAM!). Read More

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