Travel Goals for 2019 (and Recap on 2018)

If I could use only one adjective to describe 2018, I’d choose bittersweet. There were many days when I could not hide my smile and my eyes were sparkling with joy, but there were also days, when life was against me and everyone I loved. It was a year full of changes.

The Cheerful Wanderer ( in Cappadocia, Turkey
The happiest moment of 2018 in Cappadocia, Turkey

I didn’t set many goals last December – only four! All of them were quite simple and very straight-forward, yet that didn’t work out as well as I had hoped for. I have seen places I didn’t plan to visit in 2018 and I still haven’t seen South Africa (which, I must admit, bothers me quite a lot). Let’s jump to the beginning!

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What to Do in Essaouira – A Laid-Back Seaside Town

Confession time. Essaouira was almost left out of our itinerary because it seemed so ordinary. If you are about to commit the same mistake – don’t! I could not be any happier we still shortened our time in Marrakech to visit this lovely seaside town.

Essaouira (meaning little picture in Arabic) is situated on the country’s Atlantic coast, just two hours away from the chaos of Marrakech. If you are searching for a place that has not yet been ruined by mass tourism, that is the one. Just go there soon, I am pretty sure a town as beautiful will not remain untouched. Read More

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8 Affordable Gifts For Any Traveler

It is that time of the year again. Streets are full of people frantically trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. If you still have no idea what to get, I’ve got you covered. In this post I am sharing some of my ideas for the gifts that would make any traveler smile. No matter what the occasion, all of these are very affordable and unique.

1. Ticket

When giving somebody a ticket, may it be an airplane ticket, a train ticket or a show ticket, you are giving away an experience. Every trip is full of unique memories, which is why I believe that is the most meaningful gift one can receive.

Check out this website to create a fake first-class boarding pass. It will look much prettier than a boring email confirmation you normally get when booking a flight.

2. Scratch it off map

While I personally believe it’s not all about how many countries you have been to, I love this map! Not only it is a cute home decor idea, but it is also a great icebreaker. I have received so many compliments on mine and often, when somebody visited me, they stopped in front of the map to observe where I have been. And then we talked and talked and talked our favourite travel memories for a while.

I personally have this one, because I liked how it looked, but there are so many different versions out there, I am sure you will find one that you like.

3. Passport cover

I am obsessed with all the cute passport covers you can find these days. They are cheap, useful and can easily be personalised. Click here to check them out! Read More

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How Much We Spent in Scotland

This summer we planned to explore Sri Lanka. Suddenly the prices went up and we gave up on that idea. As soon as we booked some low-fare tickets to Edinburgh, Turkish Airlines started having a sale for Asian destinations. Since Scotland has been on Jure’s list for the longest time and I couldn’t really remember much for my first trip there (don’t blame me – the last Harry Potter book was published just a day before we departed), it seemed like the right choice.

Because we were traveling during the high-season, the prices are not as low as we would have wanted. This is why we tried to do our best to keep the costs down by occasionally using couchsurfing and also cooking our own food.

Below you can find information on how much the whole trip (10 full days) cost us. Please note that I first write down the price we paid together and then calculate how much it was per person.

Car and transport

How Much We Spent During Ten Full Days in Scotland | The Cheerful Wanderer

Rent for 8 days (full-insurance included): €201.00
Bus from and to the airport: £15 (€16.85)
Fuel: £122.79 (€137.94)
Parking: £2.20 (€2.47)

Expenses per person: €179.13

Car expenses were quite low this time. We rented our car on the second day in the city centre (10 minutes away from where we were staying) and returned it 8 days later at the same spot. Read More

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Morocco: A Guide to Glamping in the Sahara Desert

If you asked me to give you some good reasons for visiting Morocco as soon as possible, spending time in the desert and experiencing Berber tradition would be on the top of my list. For us, that was the highlight of our trip. I still smile at the thought of all the memories we made there and would gladly return in a heartbeat. To make your experience just as amazing, I wrote down a guide to glamping in Erg Chebbi desert (also known as Merzouga desert).

Morocco: A Guide to Glamping in the Sahara Desert | The Cheerful Wanderer

Getting there

We got there by car, but there are plenty of other options if you do not wish to do that. You could either hire a driver, take a bus (check Supratours for more information) or do a tour. Read More

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