Surviving the Friendly Skies and Other Travel Adventures with Kids (Guest Post)

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a one-way trip to the dark side. If you’re worried about an upcoming family vacation, try some of these ideas to reduce stress and the likelihood you’ll vow never to leave the house again until the kids have left for college.


Planning to take to the skies for a vacation with your kids? These tips make flying with kids as easy as walking around the block. For starters, book early flights and check in online. Mornings are usually quieter and airports less crowded. Planning a trans- or intercontinental flight? Opt for an overnight flight so everyone can sleep. Most airlines allow online check-ins up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure — do that to avoid standing in long lines. Read More

Croatia: Jewel of Europe (Guest Post)

Touted as the paradise of all things inclusive, Croatia has proven itself as a unique tourist destination that can hold its own and still accommodate some. This is a country with a staggering 1778 km of rocky, indented coast laced up with a maze of 1185 unforgettable islands covered with luxuriant vegetation. But despite being one of Europe’s most fashionable places to visit, Croatia hasn’t been thoroughly exploited. Here is a look at a few of the top cities and the fantastic attractions they offer.

Croatia: Jewel of Europe (Guest Post) | The Cheerful Wanderer

Zagreb. Photo credit: Mario Fajt (Flickr, also found on

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