London From Above: The Sky Garden vs The Shard

In London, there are many possibilities to get an overview of the city – two of them being The Sky Garden and The Shard. Because they are only a bridge away from each other, the view is not that different. The majority of famous sights, such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral, are well-visible from both.

Although I’ve visited the capital city of the UK more times than I can count on fingers of both hands, I had never seen it from an observation deck before last November. When planning our trip last autumn, I was not quite sure what to expect from either the Sky Garden or the Shard. There were so many questions racing around in my head. Tripadvisor community seemed to cheer loudly for the Sky Garden, while photos looked more convincing from the Shard. So we did both. Read More

Spring Break in Slovenia: 3-Day Road Trip Itinerary

With Slovenia recently being announced as the world’s most sustainable country, I think it’s safe to say you shouldn’t need any more reasons to visit, but if you are still not convinced, keep on reading.

Because of its tiny size, Slovenia is perfect for road trips. Me and my boyfriend like to do one annually. As unbelievable as this may sound – believe me, Slovenia has A LOOOT to uncover. It’s so more than just Ljubljana and Bled!

Last year we were exploring Northwest Slovenia (Soča Valley and Triglav National Park area). The route was never boring – we were always be accompanied by the marvellous views of the emerald river, lush forests and/or snowy mountain peaks.

Day 1: Adrenaline sports and hiking

Start at Ljubljana or Ljubljana airport in the morning and drive towards Kranjska Gora. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, I suggest you try out the steepest zipline descent in the world and fly over the Planica giant hill. It’s so much fun! We both loved it. Once back on the ground, head to Lake Jasna. It’s perfect for a short morning walk.

Spring Break in Slovenia: 3-Day Road Trip Itinerary | The Cheerful Wanderer

Don’t miss a statue of a golden-horned chamois. Read More

Český Krumlov: Picture-Perfect Small Town You Must See

Although less visited than capital cities, small towns often provide more authentic insights into local culture. Wandering down the cobblestoned streets with quick stops at unique shops and charming coffee shops could easily be listed as one of my favourite hobbies. No wonder why I got really excited when we made the decision to stop by Český Krumlov on our way to Prague, Czech Republic!

Český Krumlov: Picture-Perfect Small Town You Must See | The Cheerful Wanderer

This Unesco World Heritage site with a stunning castle above the Vltava River was first mentioned in documents in 1253. The castle, built in Gothic style in the 13th century and rebuilt in the Renaissance style 3 centuries later, managed to stay intact all this time. How incredible is that? Read More

Where We’re Headed Next

If you’re following me on Instagram, you might have noticed we visited Prague last weekend. It was a compulsive, last-minute decision and since none of us has ever been there, it wasn’t even a bad one! More about that soon.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the changes I want to make on this blog in 2017. One of them was to keep you more up-to-date on our plans. It often happens I get some amazing recommendations when we are already on our way back home. That, of course, gives me a good excuse to return (my guilty pleasure), but it’s always nice to find out about the fun activities beforehand and add them to your itinerary the first time around.

To cut it short: WE ARE GOING TO MADEIRA!

Where We're Headed Next | The Cheerful Wanderer

Photo credit: Tiago Aguiar

Yes, I’m talking about that tiny Portuguese island I always have on my list of goals. I’ve never seen Portugal before, so I’m over the moon about the whole trip. The best part is we have two long layovers in Lisbon! I am well aware we’ll have to return there because let’s be honest, 24 hours are not nearly enough – I already know that. However, when you get an extra bonus trip offered, you must never say no (it’s an unwritten rule!).

If you have ANY recommendations for either Madeira or Lisbon, please let me know in the comments below!

24 Hours In Wintery Zagreb

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of baked goods and a stroll through a Christmas market. Preferably with a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate in one hand and cinnamon donuts in other. In December, we decided to check why has Zagreb been chosen as the best Christmas market the second consecutive year.

24 Hours In Wintery Zagreb | The Cheerful Wanderer

We headed to Croatia on December 23 and stayed there for one night. Not much, but enough to see a glimpse of Croatia’s capital city while getting into a Christmas spirit. Read More