Road trip through Norway – Part 2

This diary was originally written in July 2014. Over the next couple of days, I’ll be taking you with me to one of the greenest countries in the world, Norway.

If you missed part one, click here to read it.

Visiting Norway - Part 2 | The Cheerful Wanderer

You know how there are some cities you can just love and love and love? Bergen exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only that it was colourful (you guessed it, that’s all that counts for me) – the streets are full of talented artists, shops, and restaurants are very accessible. There aren’t that many tourist attractions (yet still enough you won’t be bored), but if you’re like me and you find a garden full of flowers astonishing, then you can really enjoy it.Read More

Road trip through Norway – Part 1

This diary was originally written in July 2014. Over the next couple of days, I’ll be taking you with me to one of the greenest countries in the world, Norway.

Are you ready? Alright, let’s begin. The road trip started at Rygge, 45 min drive from Oslo. Just before the plane landed, I had a chance to capture some of the most sunning scenery. It looked majestic!

Visiting Norway - Part 1 | The Cheerful Wanderer

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Photo diary: The catacombs of Paris

Many people recognize Paris as a capital of romance, so they often miss one of the darkest secrets this beautiful city is hiding. Just few steps away from Denfert-Rochereau metro station, there’s an entrance to Paris Catacombs. Underground ossuaries hold the remains of about six million people in a small part of the ancient Mines of Paris tunnel network. A little history lesson: the ossuary was founded when city officials were faced with two simultaneous problems, a series of cave-ins starting in 1774 and overflowing cemeteries (particularly Saint Innocents). This underground cemetery has been open to the public on a regular basis since 1874 and it’s still well-visited nowadays. Visitor numbers are restricted to 200 at any time, therefore be prepared to wait outside in a queue for a little less than an hour. We didn’t have luck when we went – the rain was pouring down and the wind was playing its own game with us, but not even that convinced us to leave the line.

As for every other tourist attraction in Paris, you have over 200 stairs to climb. 130 to go down and 83 to go up. Not that surprising, I suppose. It’s not everyone’s style to go there, that’s understandable. But even though it sounds a bit morbid, I can’t recommend the catacombs enough. Seeing skulls and bones pilled up in different formations is not just scary, it’s also utterly fascinating and so inspiring! While there, I took over 300 photos and when going through them, I got goosebumps, so I simply have to share the best ones.

Photo diary: Catacombs of Paris | The Cheerful Wanderer

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The best places to enjoy dessert in Ljubljana

It’s no secret I love food and I bet you won’t be surprised when I say I LOVE dessert. Don’t we all? Here’s your guide to the top places to enjoy a finger-licking dessert when you’re in Ljubljana and your sweet tooth calls for a luciously decadent treat.


Zvezda means star in Slovenian. When you enter, I suggest you to go to the glass case full of delectable cakes and desserts and choose there, rather than just look at the menu. The selection of cakes and ice creams is very wide; they offer chocolate cakes, raw, vegan and diabetic cakes, pies, studels, nut rolls, creams in a cup and more. Check out online. The quality has never been a question, anything you pick is amazing. You can also try Gibanica, a traditional Slovenian cake! But be ready to wait a little bit to be seated, the cafe is very popular with locals and tourists, and because of that almost always full.

The best places to enjoy dessert in Ljubljana | The Cheerful Wanderer
Price range: €4 – €16
Address: Wolfova ulica 14, 1000 Ljubljana


Chocolate lover? Then Rustika’s a place for you. Exquisitely designed chocolate that melts in your mouth. You for sure won’t stop after your first bite. They also offer homemade ice cream, cookies, cakes and pretty much anything you can imagine being made out of chocolate, so if you need to buy some sweet souvenirs while in Slovenia, look no further. Everything is made from natural Slovenian ingredients.

The best places to enjoy dessert in Ljubljana | The Cheerful Wanderer
Price range: €2-€100 examples in online store
Address: Trubarjeva 44, 1000 Ljubljana


One of the most popular places to have a sugar fix. The pancakes are fluffy, but if you ask me the best part are various amazing toppings. No idea what I’m talking about? See their Instagram.

The best places to enjoy dessert in Ljubljana | The Cheerful Wanderer
Price range: €3
Address: Čopova ulica 14, 1000 Ljubljana

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A day in Helsinki

Many travelers decide to take a day more in Stockholm or Copenhagen instead of heading to Finland’s capital. I visited it for a day, while staying in Tallinn last summer and I truly enjoyed the city. However, it was a cold day when I was there – the temperature was below 15°C and the wind was howling. Not that surprising considering we are talking Scandinavia.

First of all, you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to get through the city. Helsinki is compact and walkable, and it has an excellent public transportation system. A very popular option is underground metro, but you can also use bus or tram. The last one was my choice. I highly recommend buying day ticket, if you’re in hurry. It’s going to save you lots of time. Prices can be found here. All of the transport options operate on the honor system; you don’t need to present a ticket, but if you’re caught by a patrol without one, expect an 80 euro fine.

Things to do

1. Swim naked in the oldest public indoor swimming hall in Finland
Yrj0nkatu Swimming Hall is not only the oldest indoor swimming hall but also one of the most impressive buildings in the city. You can swim care-free and enjoy the sauna after. They have separate swimming days for men and women. Women are welcome on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun, while men get Tue, Thu and Sat. If you want an authentic Finnish experience, buy a second floor fare, because it includes so much more.
Address for your GPS: Yrjönkatu 21b, 00120 Helsinki

2. Grab fresh fruit at the central market
Perfect place to do souvenir shopping, buy fresh vegtables and fruits (berries everywhere!) and eat some local food. You can’t imagine how happy this market can make you feel when it’s one of the first things you see in the city after you get off your ferry feeling hungry.

3. Be in awe by Temppeliaukio Church
Build in a rock and opened in 1969, this rock church will take your breath away. The church is used frequently as a concert venue due to its excellent acoustics.
Address for your GPS: Lutherinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki

4. Take a photograph in front of Tuomiokirkko Cathedral
One of Helsinki’s best known landmarks. The green domes of this white-walled Evangelical Lutheran Church that towers over Senate Square (Senaatintori) was originally built to honour the Russian Tsar, Nicolas I. It was finished in the early 1850s.

A day in Helsinki | The Cheerful Wanderer

5. Walk up the hill to Uspenski Cathedral
It was completed in 1868 and is the largest Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe. Unfortunately it was not possible to enter inside when I was there, but I’ve read it’s just as stunning as on the outside.

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