16 travel goals for 2016

Since the new year has just began, I thought I could share with you my goals for the next 12 months. Although 2015 was a success when it comes to travelling (after all I saw 5 new countries!), I am already daydreaming of new destinations and maybe it’s just me, but once I write goals down, I work harder to achieve them. Also, it gives me an oppurtunity to track down my progress.

1. Get a new camera – ACCOMPLISHED
Right now I don’t have any. My last one got stolen and for the past two years I’ve been using my family’s, which does not meet my requirements. The more I wander around, the more I miss having a professional camera with me.

2. Meet with more couchsurfers – ACCOMPLISHED
I still remember the evening when I first heard about couchsurfing. What a fantastic idea! But how could one get into it when not being able to host and lives in a small village no tourists ever visit? These days I still can’t host, but since I’m now very close to the capital, I can hang out with fellow couchsurfers and exchange some tips.

3. Visit Madeira
And Portugal in general, but Madeira is my number one right now.

16 travel goals for 2016 | The Cheerful Wanderer

Photo credit: Flickr

4. Learn to communicate in Brazilian Portuguese
My wish is to be fluent in another foreign language. Last year I got the oppurtunity to start a course, now it’s my time to do more.

5. Improve my French – MILDLY ACCOMPLISHED (I can tell that the cow is eating grass and few more things duolingo taught me)
Because “je m’appelle Ursa” and “merci beaucoup” are not all I should have known after 4 years of learning.

6. Live aboard for 2-3 months – PARTLY ACCOMPLISHED (1 month in Ireland)
Preferably in Ireland.

7. Write at least 50 blog posts
That’s one post per week and if I’m consisitent, easily achievable.

8. Visit Ireland – ACCOMPLISHED
If possible, when doing goal number six. If not, just do a roadtrip and see all those places tumblr and pinterest are showing me.

9. Find 3 not too touristy places in Paris – ACCOMPLISHED
As unbelievable as this is, I still haven’t been to Paris, buuut I’ll be going there with my boyfriend this February!

10. Continue to explore my own country – ACCOMPLISHED
Many travllers decide to see the world and while wandering around new cities, forget to get to know their own country first.

11. Visit Morocco
An enchanting land full of mystery and wonder. Colorful buildings, chaotic markets, crazy roads … I must experience that soon!

16 travel goals for 2016 | The Cheerful Wanderer

Photo credit: Flickr

12. A road trip through the Balkans
I’m especially interested in Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro. I hear that all of these nations are very sweet and welcoming, the food is great and the landscapes look amazing.

13. Escape to Valencia for a weekend
There’s a great Ryanair connection one hour away from where I live and the flights are often 20€ return. Does anything need to be added? I always leave Spain happy; it’s such a beautiful country with the kindest people.

14. Make it to Asia
One of the continents I haven’t set a foot on.

15. See Zagreb in December – ACCOMPLISHED
The best Advent city in 2015. December’s been too busy for me to take a train there, but in 2016 I plan to.

16. Return to London – ACCOMPLISHED
The only city I’m ever homesick for. It’s been over a year!

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