Five Fiction Books I Loved in 2020

This year hasn’t been easy. A global pandemic has kept us at home, isolated from loved ones, and with no chance to travel. But sometimes you just need a good book to help you escape and unwind.

Below I share my favourite fiction reads of 2020. Read More

Five Non-Fiction Books That I Enjoyed in 2020

Growing up I used to read all the time. My friends regularly asked me for recommendations on what book to pick up next. Every Friday I cheerfully walked out of my local library with 25 new books. (That was the limit. I remember how proud I was when I “tricked the system” by convincing a friend to borrow some extra books for me using their name.) Unfortunately, as an adult, I struggled to make reading my priority. In 2019, for example, I read 5 books.

It was only this year that I rediscovered how much I enjoy reading and learning. In September I decided to get an e-reader and it changed EVERYTHING for me. I still adore physical books. Nothing beats the feel of pages between your fingers, the smell of a new book, or the sound of the turning of a page… But having thousands of books at my fingertips has truly been life-changing.

And so in the last few months, I read and read and read. Goodreads became my best friend. I started my own book club. But most importantly, I have so many new recommendations! Read More