Along the Way: Chapter One

I should have known you will be just another traveler passing by when I first met you in a bar. You were standing next to a counter, drinking cold beer and not minding the loud conversations swirling around the table behind you. Although we were indoors, you still had a baseball hat on. Surprisingly, there was no phone screen in front of you. Later I learnt you like to use it as little as possible when traveling.

I placed my order and I tipsily interrupted your thoughts with a happy “hi”. You lolled your head a bit to the right, almost like you have to double-check if my beer-soaked greeting was meant for you. But your initial surprise was quickly hidden with a smiling “hello”. “Where do you come from?” I cheerfully continued, as my drink got placed in front of me. I decided to stay just a bit longer before returning to a group of new friends. “Colombia,” you answered. I was quick to tell you how I once did a Spanish course and how I know a few phrases. You chuckled as I tried to recall the sentences I once memorized and miserably failed at the pronunciation.

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