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Travel Guide: 2 Days in Krakow, Poland

With a wealth of incredible historic architecture, hearty dishes, and diverse nature, Poland is one of the most underrated European countries. My main reason for visiting was Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest former concentration camp. In my opinion, such places may not be pleasant to visit, but it’s important not to forget these events. Unfortunately, my plan hasn’t (yet) worked out – I ran out of time to get there, but I take that as a sign I must return.

Instead, I got to spend 2 days in lively Krakow. At the end of October, the streets were still buzzing with tourists. Luckily there are around 40 parks and many cheap eateries to hide away from the crowds.

Below you can find all the information you need to visit widely raved Krakow.


Rynek Glowny Central Square

Rynek Glowny Square was built in the 13th century and is considered to be the largest market square in Europe. Read More

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Flying During COVID-19

Flying during the COVID-19 outbreak is an experience, to say the least. My original plan was to stay in Canada and wait out for the situation to get better. However, when it was starting to get more serious, I chose to leave. By that stage, the borders all over Europe were already closed, and traveling to the USA was not an option either.

Booking a flight

I reached out to our embassy on the day I found out I had to make a decision. No repatriation flights were organized for Slovenians in Canada so I was pretty much on my own here. I booked my flight on Lufthansa’s official website and informed our ambassador of what route I was taking. He then shared the info with Slovenian embassies in the countries I was passing by. He also gave me some tips.

The situation at the time of my travel

I was flying on April 6 and April 7, 2020. All flights to Slovenia were (still are) suspended until further notice, so my best bet was to fly to Croatia or Austria. The main difference? Vienna is further from Slovenia and upon landing, you are required to take two trains to get to the border. In Croatia, you take a 20-minute taxi ride instead.

Europe had an agreement allowing all EU citizens a transit in a foreign country as long as they were returning home. Read More

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Along the Way: Chapter One

I should have known you will be just another traveler passing by when I first met you in a bar. You were standing next to a counter, drinking cold beer and not minding the loud conversations swirling around the table behind you. Although we were indoors, you still had a baseball hat on. Surprisingly, there was no phone screen in front of you. Later I learnt you like to use it as little as possible when traveling.

I placed my order and I tipsily interrupted your thoughts with a happy “hi”. You lolled your head a bit to the right, almost like you have to double-check if my beer-soaked greeting was meant for you. But your initial surprise was quickly hidden with a smiling “hello”. “Where do you come from?” I cheerfully continued, as my drink got placed in front of me. I decided to stay just a bit longer before returning to a group of new friends. “Colombia,” you answered. I was quick to tell you how I once did a Spanish course and how I know a few phrases. You chuckled as I tried to recall the sentences I once memorized and miserably failed at the pronunciation.

Read More

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My Experience: Living in Canada During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Every few hours, I glance at the phone. I know there are messages I still need to answer, but instead, I swipe a notification to the left and clear it. Not today, I tell myself again.

When you are moving overseas, you usually don’t question if you are ready to survive the apocalypse away from everyone. In January, when I was getting ready for Canada, I knew exactly what I was going to do (or should I say: which country I will try next) if things don’t work out. What I didn’t take into account was a global pandemic.

Life in Toronto before the outbreak

My impulsive decision to go to Canada no longer seemed such a brilliant idea when I was boarding the plane at the beginning of February. Read More

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Why I Stayed Longer in Barcelona, Spain

January is almost over and my year started differently than expected. I took off for Spain at the end of December believing I will be back in 5 days. My list of things that needed to be done at home was countless. Instead, I stayed in Barcelona for almost a month.

It’s quite well known I am a planner. I plan anything and everything I can. As much as I love spontaneity, I can really relate to John Gielgud, who once said: “I am all in favour of spontaneity, providing it is carefully planned and ruthlessly controlled.” All jokes aside, I believe we must strive to have both. A flexible plan with space for spontaneous decisions. But while I aim for that, I too often put more focus on the first part.

Gaudi’s architecture in Park Guell, Bracelona

When my trip in Barcelona was about to end, I was offered an opportunity I didn’t see coming – to stay as a volunteer and work for the best hostel chain out there (shoutout to my H1 FAM!). Read More

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